Adventures in Detox

Adventures in Detox! ~ Part 1
Thursday, May 29th, 2008
Guest blogger Kim Swanson takes note in her two part series documenting her personal experience with The Arbonne 7-Day Body Cleanse! Part 1 discusses the actual process and … ummm … daily activity she encounters and Part 2 she shares the reason why we ALL need to detox!

My Personal Detox 7-Day Cleanse Experience by Kim Swanson Independent Consultant Arbonne International:
Day 1: I have to drink how much? The cleansing had not begun, just lots of hydration “passing through town”. The drink is slightly curious, sort of a mixture of weak apple cider vinegar tea.
Days 2-3: I was starting to feel a little more tired and days 2-3 are normally the most “cleansing”. It is best to start on a Friday on a slower weekend. In addition, I used the Arbonne Spa dry brush to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation to aid the removal of toxins.
Day 4: I was “fairly cleansed” by now but was feeling interestingly lighter in my joints above my waist. It was an interesting sensation. Since the cleanse takes out good as well as bad minerals and metals from your body, I used the remineralizing 24h Lotion to get some minerals back on my skin.
Days 5-7: My energy was returning and someone told me to use the Arbonne Fizzies (Figure 8 - NRG Go 3) for an energy boost in the afternoon. Why did I not think of that myself?
Day 8: Freedom! Believe it or not, I am looking forward to doing this again next month and then at some point in the near future can switch to quarterly maintenance cleansing at the change of the seasons. My husband was very interested and started his cleanse the very next week after he saw what it was doing for me.
What have I noticed about myself since the cleanse? I noticed right away that I started to sleep really soundly and through the night. That is priceless! I did not have to get up once or twice in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Could that have been my body trying to cleanse and repair itself while I was sleeping these last few years? I now “hear” my body better and can give it what it truly needs. My joints felt lighter beginning mid-way through the cleanse which is interesting since I have been a very stiff jointed person all my life even when I was a gymnast. My joints are feeling much better and I am looking forward to them improving with each subsequent cleanse. I did not lose weight during the cleanse, but came out more determined to focus, get into shape and to take better care of my body. The week after the cleanse, I started working out and in three days, already had lost 2 pounds!
How will I maximize the cleanse benefits next month? I will get more sleep to help my body with the process. I will also use the Sea Salt Soak to remineralize my body on those days when I am feeling zapped of energy. I will prepare salads ahead of time to not waste extra energy making food in the kitchen. I will plan out my healthy EASY meals so I am not temped by the left over pizza in the refrigerator. I will have my husband and I on the same cleanse schedule so we can focus on more raw foods (produce, seeds, nuts) during the cleanse. I will eat simple proteins, fish, chicken cooked simply. I will start each meal with a raw organic food with enzymes intact for better digestion and absorption of nutrients. I will religiously take my whole food tablet base Hybrid Vitamins (Arbonne of course). I will not have my beloved chai latte or fiber supplement, both seemed to run right through me. I will put the 7-Day Body Cleanse on Auto-Ship with my vitamins!

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