Why Detox?

Why should you detoxify? It is amazing to realize all of the chemicals that have been developed since WWII. We acquire chemical toxins from the air, from touch and ingestion. In our food, unless we eat 100% organic, we are exposed to fertilizers and pesticides and preservatives. Food even leaves a build up of waste in our bodies over the years. Also, think about all of the pharmaceutical drugs you have taken over the years. In time, toxins can build up and overwhelm the body, weakening the immune system and leading to:Poor digestionFatigueStressSkin breakoutsJoint stiffnessWeight gainPremature aging
Well guess what, today detoxification is as essential to well-being as a healthy diet and exercise. Detoxification supports the body’s natural ability to cleanse and restore itself.
Enter 7-Day Body Cleanse from Arbonne:According to the catalogue, “Experience a cleansing beverage of detoxifying botanicals in this intense body cleanse treatment. The marine botanicals infused in this concentrated treatment stimulate, strengthen and support health and beauty from the inside out by assisting with gentle elimination and flushing out excess fluids. Use the 7-Day Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement once ever 30 days.

Key ingredients: Chlorella, blue-green algae, red marine algae, cascara segrada, senna leaf, aloe vera, rhubarb root, meadowsweet herb.”

Cleansing can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but Arbonne makes it simple. Here are the steps. Add one bottle of the 7-day Body Cleanse to 32 oz. of water. Sip the entire 32 oz. during the day and with it drink an additional 32 oz of water. Do NOT drink the cleanses as a shot!Repeat every day for 7 consecutive days. Then repeat the cleanse once every 30 days until you feel your body is back in-sync and then use the 7-Day Cleanse every quarter at the season change.
During the week of the cleanse, eat simply with plenty of fruits and vegetables, organic when available. Avoid alcohol, sugary foods, fried foods, high fat and highly processed foods. Start on a Friday morning on a more quiet weekend. The majority of the “cleansing” happens on days 2-3. Get plenty of rest, go for a 30 minute walk every day to increase circulation and elimination of toxins. Withhold from strenuous exercise until after the cleanse. Make sure to increase your circulation with dry brushing, exfoliation, etc. to help rid the body of toxins through the skin.
Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT use a fiber supplement when you are on this cleanse unless you really want to feel as “clean as a whistle” in the digestive tract. Trust me, I know this one! Side effects can include mild intestinal cramping or you may feel a bit tired so get extra rest while you are doing the cleanse, trust me, it is worth it!

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