Celebrities and Models talking about ARBONNE!
Every year Arbonne saves millions of dollars by refusing to pay for Advertising. The only way to find out about Arbonne is through word of mouth and it can only be purchased through Independent Consultants. Did you know that Halle Berry is paid $50 Million per year to Advertise for Revlon? And what do you think are the chances that Halle Berry is walking into CVS and spending $3 on an eyeshadow????All of the money Arbonne saves in cutting out the middlemen (Advertising, wholesalers, distributors, retailers) goes back into Research and Development, that is why our products are hands down better than anything else on the market. This is also why Arbonne can afford to pay their Independent Consultants such high salaries! We have the #1 compensation plan of any other Network Marketing company in the nation.However, you WILL see Arbonne in magazines in Ads talked about by celebrities as TESTIMONIALS! We do not pay for them! These are real people, using our products, and loving them so much that they can't stop talking about them.

We were in Oxygen magazine in June 2007

On the Regis & Kelly Show in June 2006

Oprah Magazine in May 2007

Success from Home magazine in June 2007Redbook in Feb 2008

Empowering Women magazine June 2008 Cover to cover Arbonne!

Also, we are the #1 Skincare Company recommended by the American Modeling Association! AMAZING! If you would like more information, contact me directly! shane@myarbonne.com

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