Is It True That The Majority of FDA Complaints are for Aspartame?

Yes, but the recordings stopped in 1992 when the FDA quit categorizing the complaints as a NutraSweet grievance. They began putting the complaints into generic categories not related to aspartame, such as death, for example. If death by seizure was reported as a reaction to aspartame, the death was recorded as seizure only and not as an “aspartame” seizure.So after 1992, specific aspartame complaints within the FDA stopped. Before this time, beginning two years after NutraSweet came on the market, between 78% and 85% of all FDA complaints were about aspartame.

By 1992, over 10,000 complaints had been filed with the FDA. In 1985, the FDA petitioned the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to review the first 650 complaints, a record number received for one product after only three years on the market. The CDC reported that between 25% and 30% of female users experienced some form of symptom from aspartame use, and when all use stopped, all respective heath symptoms also stopped.By 1991 and after NutraSweet had been on the market since 1981, between 78% and 85% of all FDA complaints were about aspartame.

Dr. Janet Starr Hull

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