Next Time You Fly, Think About This...

Pilots must pass a yearly physical, and most pilots know that aspartame can jeopardize passing their medical. While drinking hot coffee with Equal, hot chocolate with aspartame, or chewing aspartame gum, many pilots have indeed passed out in the cockpit during flight (which typically results in losing their medical license to fly). Pilots also know that aspartame can spike an EKG if used 48 hours before a medical exam, and the methanol in aspartame impairs vision - a pilots #1 tool.Research shows that aspartame stimulates abnormal brain function and it is a well-known fact that aspartame penetrates into the brain. Once inside, it has nowhere to go and no function to perform, so it creates chaos. Some of the side effects are brain disorder reactions such as seizures, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and blackouts.So, any responsible pilot will know to avoid aspartame and ere on the side of caution to protect his passengers and his crew.

Dr. Janet Starr Hull

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