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Tell your husbands and click on the above title to link to the page for info on Golf Digest Magazine. This is a great way to get our golfing husbands to realize that there is a great way to protect the appearance of their skin when on the links!

A five-hour round on a sweltering summer day can leave your skin stressed and your body a little gamy. Fortunately, there are plenty of products designed to protect the health and appearance of your skin and get you smelling nice again
A few tips:
(1) Before shaving, shower or apply a hot towel to soften your beard. Then use a pre-shave oil and a shave gel to help the razor glide smoothly.
(2) Moisturize after shaving.
(3) Streamline: Try products that have dual use, such as a moisturizer with sunblock or a two-in-one shampoo and body wash.
1 Fragrances sized right for an overnight bag: "Your Scent, Your Style" set by Giorgio Armani, $80.
Related Results
2 Zirh's Defend SPF 15 moisturizer is suitable for sensitive skin, $29.
3 Grooming Lounge Beard Master shave oil protects the skin while you shave, $21.
4 Polo "Black" hair and body wash is multipurpose and smells nice, $19.
5 L'Oreal Men's Expert Comfort Max shave balm soothes and hydrates post-shave, $7.
6 Bigelow's Dr. Galen Lather Shave contains mint to help cool the skin, $14.
7 NutriMenC RE9 shave gel by Arbonne gives a close, burn-free shave, $18.
8 Throw these in your golf bag: MD Skincare sunscreen pads with vitamin C by Dr. Dennis Gross, $38 for 60.
9 Lab Series SPF 15 lotion hydrates, soothes and reconditions, $38.

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