Detox is as important as exercise and eating properly!!

SeaSource Spa - Detox
Clear the mind and invigorate the spirit !
Inspired by the ocean, drawn from the finest European spa therapies that stimulate, strengthen and support health and beauty from the inside out. These products are amazing for acne prone skin as well.
Escape...the stress and toxins we ingest, tpouch and immerse ourselves in (like pollution, chlorine, pesticides, preservatives etc) of daily life with a luxurious spa journey (these SeaSource Detox Spa products are used at Spas throughout the world) to purity and mineral revitalization with SeaSource Detox Spa.
SeaSource Detox Products Include:
*Dry Body Brush
*Foaming Sea Salt Scrub
*Detoxifying Rescue Wash
*5 in 1 Essential Massage Oil
*Sea Mud Face and Body Mask
*Purifying Sea Soak
*Fortifying Hair Mask
*Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion
*Renewing Cooling Body Gelee
*7-Day Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement
*Luxurious Spa Robes
*Consumer product purchase bags for Spas

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Nutrient-rich ocean botanicals purify as they pamper you.
Ingredient Fact Sheets:
SeaSource Detox Spa Body Lotion
SeaSource Detox Spa Hair Mask
SeaSource Detox Spa Bath Soak
SeaSource Detox Spa Wash
SeaSource Detox Spa Sea Mud Body Mask
SeaSource Detox Spa Foaming Sea Salt Scrub
SeaSource Detox Spa Massage Oil
SeaSource Detox Spa Body Gelee
SeaSource Detox Spa Body Cleanse

Today detoxifixation is as essential to well-being as a healthy diet and exercise. Which is why Arbonne extends its tradition of extraordinary body care by harnessing the power of the ocean and marine botanicals to detoxify, stimulate, strengthen and support healthy beauty that glows from within.
SeaSource Detox Spa brings you sea extracts and marine botanicals in our SeaSource personal care products and supplement to deeply cleanse and help rid your system of the internal and external toxins that come to us through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the objects we touch and the food we eat.
These are the same beneficial therapies used in exclusive spas throughout the world. Use these products on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With vital ocean nutrients from the North Atlantic, Pacific and European coasts, the SeaSource Detox Spa line has everything you need to help your body perform at its best.

Why Detox?
Detoxification supports the body's natural ability to cleanse and restore balance to itself. Over time toxins can build up and overwhelm the body, weakening the immune system and leading to:
*Poor Digestion
*Skin Breakouts
*Weight Gain
*Premature Aging
This at-home SeaSource Detox combines innovative, highly effective responsive marine botanicals with these European spa sciences that help prepare skin to perform its proper functions:
Balneotherapy: Purify your skin and improve circulation with therapeutic bathing in mineral salts, seaweeds and essential oils.
Algotherapy: Fortify skin for a vibrant, younger-looking appearance with the macro-nutrients and trace minerals found in deep-sea algae.
Thalassotherapy: Relax and let stress melt away with therapeutic effects of the ocean.
Hydrotherapy: Invigorate the body, open pores and timulate circulation with therapy that combines heat with vital sea nutrients.


  1. As nice as it is to hear that you should read all detox product reviews, you may be wondering why. First, many consumers make the mistake of believing that just because a product is for sale that it works, is worth the money, or is safe. That isn’t always the case. You can see this in recalls. Many items that were once thought safe were later recalled due to potential dangers. By reading product reviews online, you can save yourself time, money, hassle, and your health.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I used to be an Arbonne rep and really loed their detox but now there are soooo many out there which actually have a much easier delivery system! It is truly up to all of us to protect ourselves isn't it?


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