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Take the 60-Day Test www.DORway.com

If you hurt or have problem that the doctors can’t seem to cure… AND you use aspartame (now in over 6000 products), take the FREE 60-day no-aspartame at-home self-test and see what happens.
First: Round up all products with aspartame as a sweetener and place them in a box, and then seal it for the duration of the “60-day no-aspartame” test (or until certain of the results of this self-test).
Second: Create a log. Enter all the current problems/symptoms along with types and quantities of medication being used to combat those problems and symptoms. Include entries concerning both physical and mental observations for the next 60 days… or until you are convinced that aspartame was (or is not) the cause of one more or all of your problems.
During this test period READ all labels. If it says “sugar free” or “no-calorie” you might consider NOT consuming it… just to be sure. Someone mentioned that they may be teaming aspartame with sugar (yeah… with the real thing), as well as saccharin, acesulfame-k, and who knows what else.
When you have completed as much of the no-aspartame test as you feel necessary (minimum of three weeks)… do another inventory of your problems and symptoms… as well as then current levels of medications and their types. Remember to consider mood, vision, perceptions… everything. If you lost some or all of your problems then you just had a free cure for them.
Third: Now, if you are convinced aspartame was a significant reason for one or more of your health problems now it is time to return all the aspartame-laced stuff to the original point of sale for a FULL refund… even (and especially) on opened/partly consumed stuff because it cannot be resold.
Fourth: Please obtain some literature and pass this information on to others. This is the time to write letters, ask the media why they don’t cover this poisoning-for-profit subject and help get this toxic poison out of the human food chain… etc. There are still almost 200 million clueless victims who need a fair shake.
Other files available www.dorway.com
more.txt is DORway standard information Email and road map
coke.txt is Jennifer’s complete diet coke report (p/o help)
symptoms.txt is Mark Golds bad-news page of symptoms (p/o help)
mpflyer.txt is Mission Possible flyer
products.txt is a small list of aspartame-laced products
test.txt is a brief on how to test… and then what to do
doctors.txt is listing of documents by many doctors
drlydon.txt is excellent 1999 article by an aware doctor
msg.txt is info on another bad substance MSG (flavor enhancer)
nmintro.txt is Robert Cohen’s one-page introduction to milk
milkinfo.txt is my time-tested layman’s overview on milk and dairy
report.txt is victim complaint form to mail to the FDA
If you or someone you know quits ALL aspartame and gets better… be sure to get a copy of the VICTIM REPORT FORM at: www.dorway.com/reprtfrm.html (or .txt) and send it via a CERTIFIED letter to the FDA, with a copy to Betty Martini! (addresses on the form)
For information on FDA’s MEDLINE visit: FDA Med Watch and download the form or do it online: Med Watch Form or call (800) 332-1088 and get a postage-paid MedWatch form that will be sent by mail or fax.
MedWatch fax :(800) 332-0178If you have questions about the reporting process,
call (800) 332- 1088 and press “0″
or e-mail
FDA Office of Consumer Affairs at (800) 532-4440

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