http://dorway.com/dorwblog/: Media Scare of the Week Mother’s breast milk is full of environmental contaminants capable of causing harm to our babies. True? Yes — but nobody recommends not breastfeeding because of it.
According to the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, testing infants from virtually anywhere in the world today would uncover a body burden of industrial toxins including dioxins, PCBs, mercury, phthalates, pesticides, flame retardants, bisphenol A and other dangerous substances. But it’s not just breast milk that’s in danger: environmental toxins are everywhere. Because testing breast milk is a cheap and convenient way to look for chemical contamination, it is often used as an easy way to demonstrate the toxic load of our bodies overall. “Chemical residues found in breast milk are like the messenger, the canary in the mine, telling us about the body burdens found in everyone,” WABA relates. …click title above to read more"

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