Alkemy Skincare Offers Great Antioxidant Fruit Extract!

I ventured back to Alkemy-Skincare in Winter Park, Florida and boy am I glad I did. Teresa Gomez is a kind, knowledgeable woman and her daughter is so knowledgeable about her mother's products that I bought three great new drink flavors. I was interested in finding some more things that I can drink since it seems to be limited as I do not ingest artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. I found the most wonderfully beneficial fruit extracts that I can easily and discreetly take with me anywhere. They are economical and taste really light and refreshing.
I adore the Raspberry Green Tea and it is calorie free!! A couple of dropperfuls in a glass or bottle of water and I am enjoying a drink that is great for me and tastes really delightful. Again, I say it all the time, it is the little things we do for ourselves that really makes us feel special. It is not rocket science to be healthy...and God knows I am not perfect! A healthful lifestyle is just about making changes, big or small, that can improve your well being. So give these Pure inventions.
All of Pure Inventions products are all-natural and fully standardized. Fully standardized (just as Arbonne's products) means that you know you will be getting exactly the same herbal "punch" so to speak, in each product. Sweetened by nature with stevia leaf and lo han fruit, they are calorie, caffeine, sugar and artificial sweetener-free.
Together these products form a powerhouse of amazing health benefits with a unique, absolutely delicious taste.
Try them together and really give those germs out there the one-two punch!
Be Well with Pure Inventions. Cheers to Good Health!
The Alkemy Salon is located at:
228 N. Park Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789
Stop by and check them out!

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