Do I Really Need the Arbonne Seasource Detox System?

I don't know, do you live in a toxin filled world? Do you swim in chlorine? Do you drink chlorinated water? Do you go outside and walk on grass treated with pesticides? You know even the carpets in our homes are treated with chemicals and babies who crawl on those floors have higher levels of contaminants in them than those of us who walk! I am not trying to scare you, I am just trying to wake all of us up from this bad nightmare of complacency and lack of information. I know it is hard to hear and, when you simply rely on the media for your information on the scientific community's findings on toxins in our environment, you believe that the FDA and our government would never allow anything bad to happen to me. Well think about it for a minute, how many people do you know with M.S., cancer, lupus, thyroid problems, memory issues, autism...? have you ever wondered why it seems that so many people are sick? We are living in a polluted and toxic environment while ingesting toxins in our foods and what we drink every day.
Obviously there are trade offs. Having carpet that is non-flammable is very desirable as opposed to one that is not. But we need to be informed so that we keep our babies off of those floors and on a blanket or in a pack-n-play. We need to take our shoes off at the door of every home we enter so as to leave those pesticides stuck to our shoes and not stuck to our carpets. Precaution - Take It! Detoxing is a way to rid your body internally and externally from those toxins. Detoxing will stimulate, strengthen and support your body from our world and it's toxins. Think about it, learn about it...become an informed consumer.

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead