Arbonne International Home Based Business Opportunity in Billion $ Health & Wellness Industry

Top 10 Reasons why Arbonne is such a Lucrative Opportunity NOW!

Health & Wellness Revolution – The Right Industry at the Right Time - The health and wellness industry today is estimated to total $300 billion and is projected to reach $3 TRILLION by 2014, supported by the 76 billion baby boomers which represent 64% of the economic market today.

Company Growth - Arbonne averaged over 100 % growth, per year, from 2001 – 2006. (164% growth in 2005 over 2004, 88% growth in 2006 over 2005, respectively.)This was achieved even with the 911 disaster, corporate downfalls, a failing economy and war. This is amazing growth! What about the next few years, what could that mean to you? What could your income be? What is your potential if you build a team and work with us? How would this affect your future?

Currently in Momentum Stage - Going from millions to billions in next few years – with or without you and me. Arbonne is a 27 year old company that reached critical mass in 2001 and has since exploded. And, 80% of our growth is in front of us!

Harvest Partners – In November 2004, Harvest Partners, a private equity firm, acquired Arbonne in partnership with management. We now have very strong financial backing … they’ve invested in Arbonne, to take us to the next level.

Going Global – Harvest Partners invested to prepare Arbonne to go global. The first 2 countries open in 2007, with 2 countries per year through 2012. Arbonne Australia opens July 2nd, 2007. Arbonne United Kingdom opens November 1st, 2007. We will go thru the same growth & momentum stage with each country we enter!

AIRD (Arbonne Institute of Research & Development in Switzerland) – We control our own formulations. Cutting edge research and technology and the latest advances in skin care science. Swiss are known for precision and they are much stricter when it comes to ingredients.

400+ Consumable Products - Anti-aging, Spa Detox, Personal Care, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Aromatherapy and Cosmetics. Formulated in Switzerland, made in the U.S. Botanically-based, pH correct, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, never tested on animals, formulated without animal products or by-products, formulated without mineral oil, chemical dyes or fragrances, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Our products get results! If you are going to build a Consumer Network, you want only consumable products so you have continual repeat business, which creates RESIDUAL INCOME!

Lucrative payout – Excellent compensation plan! Average income nationwide for RVP’s is over $57,000 per year. The average time it takes to reach RVP is 16 months. Average income for NVP is over $270,000 per year. Average time to reach NVP is 2 years. You have the ability to leverage time and money!

Internet-Based Wholesale Business – You, and everyone you recruit, purchases the products at wholesale cost – over the internet – and they are shipped directly to the end consumer. New Business Builders will find extensive training online, including “Arbonne University.”

Testimonials – Read about how Arbonne changed the lives of so many people. Our success stories can be found online at
Low start-up cost. Work from home. Work with friends. Generous pay. Paid Trips & Exotic Vacations. Company-Paid Mercedes Benz at the VP level. Help others by promoting a healthier lifestyle and financial freedom.

Personal growth – live a life of significance!

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