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Why doesn't everyone have the same reaction to aspartame that I did? Certainly I was ingesting about 8 packs of Crystal Light (as well as ingesting other products full of aspartame) which is probably more than the average person. Furthermore, many times the Crystal Light would sit in my car in the Florida heat and then I would put it back in the fridge and ingest it later...not good to heat aspartame from what I have read. Perhaps it was the plastics in the containers that the Crystal Light was in that made me sick? Is it a folate deficiency as Dr.Garst has explained to us in his comments to previous postings? What the heck was it?

This question burns within me. I know I was close to death...I could feel it and I do not want this to happen to anyone else. My speech was so slurred that my voice was hardly recognizable. At the hospital the nurse kept asking me if i had been drinking. I remember looking down at the floor and wanting to respond, "No!" but i could barely lift my head and speaking was so difficult. It took so much effort just to stay conscious. The ER doctor patted my leg and told me how sorry she was that everything pointed to MS. My PA had mentioned she thought I had MS last Christmas when I was guess what? Drinking about 6 or more Diet Cokes a day. I had found over the years that I just normally couldn't drink Diet Coke as it always made me feel sick, sluggish and just crappy. I had fallen in love with Diet Rite which contains Splenda (although now I use only sugar and stevia). There was a deal though 2 for
$5. There they were sitting in the front window of the store in the Florida heat again...did that even matter?

The weird thing is though, as soon as my friend mentioned that I should look into phenylalanine in aspartame and I stopped ingesting it, I began to feel better. the first thing I remember was being able to think clearly. This made more of an impact on my recovery than being able to move easily again. I have not had a symptom for over four months. I promised Dr Sadek, my neurologist, that if any symptoms return, I will contact him immediately for a CT of my spine. He told me that the only way to be absolutely certain that it was the aspartame would be to begin to ingest it again. This he said is a "stumbling block" (I paraphrase) to the majority of doctors truly being able to see the causal relationship between aspartame and illness...we need hard data that proves the relationship. I would love to be able to ingest aspartame and see what happens. Then take folate supplementation and ingest aspartame and see what happens. I say "love to find out" in a dream sense though. I would be absolutely terrified (no exaggeration) to ever knowingly ingest aspartame.

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