Times Are So Hard...What Do We Do? by Lisa M. Danks

In times such as these.. the need and overwhelming feeling of simplifying is desired. What do we do?
Our original societies were built on friends helping friends.. and if we return to this now.. many will weather the financial burdens of this storm easier and many will capitalize on times like this to find opportunities...We need to make the difference. This is history in the making..
What part will you play..??
1. Look at your own spending.. where do you spend?.. Should you think about supporting people in your own community.. the mom and pops that are trying to keep the doors open.... re-stimulate their businesses and support them... not all of them... be intentional and realistic about what you can do... but dig deep.... choose the ones that are your friends.. people you gravitate to and people that you need things from.. Create and establish a foundation of respect and loyalty... showing that you care about them and that it is important for you to help those locally...
You probably give so much to charity .... think about helping the local businesses as well... in that regard... Those people will be loyal to you as well..This establishes a long term respect for your business and who you are., by thinking of others when making purchases for yourself.
2. Think in Abundance...
Are you still thinking in abundance or are you falling into that "poor me" trap... Don't do it.. this is a critical test in perseverance and belief....
Don't fail the test... Hold your head high... help others.... and don't stop asking and sharing. You don't know what is going on in the hearts and minds of your acquaintances and family and friends.. especially now... Don't assume..!!!! and Don't lose your focus....
3.. Your energy and confidence... Do whatever it takes to "feel good" about your success in life. Where you are going.. what your vision is.. keep it close to your heart.... feel it.. think about your dreams daily and realize .. We are all on equal footings... this is the chance to not be Behind... not trying to catch up.. You can lead in your life ... in business and in your community , depending on how you "look at what is happening '" around you as a burden or an opportunity..
4 . TURN THE NEWS OFF.. remember.. what you feed your mind.. you will believe..
It is all about scaring you .. making you feel defeated and sad.. Many are walking through the days still thinking in abundance.. and those will be the ones that have taken adversity and turned it into success and security.. People are hungry for positive people now.... Don't spend time with whiners... be a light in the dark... for your friends and family..

Lisa M. Danks

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead