Amazon Defense Coalition: Chevron's $27 Billion Liability in Ecuador's Amazon Confirmed by Team of Independent Scientists

What do you guys think about that? It still seems so unreal that people are still suffering from toxic water...thanks Chevron. You know the drill, click on the title above to continue to stay informed on environmental toxins. Yea yea, whatever!! I don't need to worry about this...I can hear it now...yes you do!! Look around at the industry near you which could pollute your groundwater. Heck, even in my neighborhood we have wells for drinking water. I know almost everyone in the neighborhood has a lawn service to spray pesticides all over the place. We have a purification system, but guess what? Our purification system uses Chlorine...small amounts which are then supposed to be removed before we use it. I worry though. I wonder if our habits of using so many chemicals in our consumables is what is contributing to the lakes in our community dying. Haven't you heard that breast milk contains jet fuel...I am rambling...I get like a dog chasing its tail when I start thinking about our collective and global health...I just keep going without ever getting what I want. I want a healthy world full of healthy people NOW!!

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