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November 12, 2007
One of the reasons I've had so much trouble signing autographs and shaking hands in the past is because I have had a horrible condition on my hands that caused them to crack, bleed and cause me tremendous pain. And then Sue brought me an amazing group of products that virtually cured my symptoms.
I feel compelled to tell you about this. Sometimes, something happens and you feel that you just have to share it with people. Most people -except the closest ones to me - haven't known about the pain, embarrassment and self consciousness I have experienced associated with this condition.
Those of you who have been fans of mine from the beginning know that I have never been an advocate for or recommended products of any kind in the past. It's just not my style.
Well. a few months ago, after coming off the road from a number of concert performances, I experienced a recurrence of this very painful and ugly skin condition on my hands.
Since I am a skeptic by nature, and having tried so many prescriptions and various remedies, Sue practically forced me to try 2 products when I got home called Intelligence Hand Cream and Intelligence Conditioning Oil.
I, of course, rolled my eyes and thought-"Ok- I'll humor her", but, remarkably, in 5 days of using these 2 products- for the first time in my life- the condition completely cleared up and my hands were healed.
I have suffered from cracking, bleeding and peeling skin on my hands for years. It had become so painful that often it was almost impossible to play my guitar. The frustration and pain as well as the embarrassment of the way my hands looked had become almost intolerable.
So, kids. I became extremely interested in finding out who manufactured these products. I learned that the company, Arbonne International, has been around for nearly 30 years, although I had never heard of it before. The products are formulated in Switzerland and manufactured in the USA. It is a "green" company, the products botanically based and the company has no animal testing and uses no animal by-products- and you all know my love for animals.
Sue did extensive research on my behalf and purchased a number of other skin, hair and body products. Now, our whole house has become "Arbonnized" and I'm telling you that this stuff is fantastic! All I know is, it really works for us and for our friends who have tried it.
Sue became so enthusiastic after seeing the results I had, researching the company and using the products, that she has now started her own Arbonne business. She has completely thrown herself into this because she is blown away.
As fate would have it, Arbonne just opened their business in the U.K. on November 4th, having just recently become available in Canada and Australia.
Sue is planning several trips to help educate people and assist them in opening their own Arbonne businesses and I will be accompanying her on some of them, as my schedule allows. That's how much I believe in this!
I hope that what I have shared with you about my own personal experience and my opinion of these products is helpful to you or anyone you may know who suffers as I did. I certainly can't guarantee results for you. All I know is what I've experienced and it would have been selfish of me not to share the information with you.
These products are not just for problems, though. Arbonne has tons of stuff for everyone from the cradle to the grave, and I gotta tell you that Sue's skin has never been softer and she has never looked better. Even Beau is using it!

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