Don't You Know that Green Goes With Everything? Take the Toxic Body Burden Test with One of THE Hottest Green Girls...Sloan Barnett

Sloan Barnett is the Absolute Bomb!! I was blown away when I stumbled upon Ms. Barnett. Of course I have seen her on the Today Show. Yet I do not recall more than a little blip on my screen of an extremely pretty and smart lady talking about the environment. To be honest, I was too busy to really catch what she was saying. Today when I ran across her website and book, both titled "Green Goes with Everything", I was certainly impressed and excited.

I frequently run across various organizations, websites, blogs and books that are eco-friendly. It seems to have become the marketing mantra of The New Millennia. I say, "Bring on the Green...whatever the reason!" Still, I do not come across very many organizations such as mine, Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty, LLC, which truly focus on a complete package when it comes to the choices we make in our consumer and personal care products truly impact environmental health as well as our own health and wellness.

Sloan speaks about toxic Bisphenol-A, empty water bottles in our landfills and about discovering that her son, at four years of age, was diagnosed with Asthma. This is a very serious illness that she said came out of nowhere. No family history, no risk factors, nothing to predict this illness would strike her son. After much motherly, as well as journalistic research, she concluded that it was her son's toxic environment and consumer choices that contributed to his asthma.

I remember when my daughter became so ill at three years of age that her oxygen level went dangerously low. It was a very frightening time. She was diagnosed with asthma too without any family history at all. At my urging and under her doctor's supervision, my daughter is now completely off of medication; which is a whole other post for another day. I believe that the change from consumer choices full of toxins to evironmentally healthy choices I have made for my daughter helped, in part, lead us to being able to remove her from medication. This new and slowly emerging lifestyle we are now living is making my entire family healthier.

Please check out Sloan Barnett's website at and take the eye opening body burden test!  I applaud Sloan Barnett for her work and I am ordering her book ASAP.

"It's about solutions, not doom and gloom."- Sloan Barnett.

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