Daily Dry Skin Brushing...Simple and Easy Way to Help Detoxify!

Dry skin brushing stimulates circulation and digestion, and removes toxins from the body through the lymphatic system. Furthermore, proponents of the technique say it tightens the skin and removes cellulite. In order to start your daily dry skin brushing routine, simply purchase a natural bristle brush (Arbonne has the perfect brush for $15). Brush your skin once or twice a day before showering, starting with your feet. As you work up your body, make sure to brush toward the heart. It is important to brush your body when the skin is dry in order to reap the full benefits of dry skin brushing. When you are finished brushing, take a warm shower (use Arbonne's SeaSource Spa Detox products) followed by a rinse with cool water. For the ultimate body detox and an amazing relaxing feel, finish with Arbonne's SeaSource Gelee or (my favorite) the 24 Hour ReMineralizing lotion!

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