Peter Matravers Joins Arbonne International! Arbonne International = Green Products?

This is just more news and a testament to how committed Arbonne International is to making consumers believe that they are creating a brand that is synonymous with Green Products that work. But are they still falling flat on their promise to be natural and green by continuing to use ingredients like parabens?  If you are a consultant, check the ingredient lists online.  Perhaps Arbonne International is finally committed to a final product that works and is pure that they have managed to get a man who has built his career on it.

On December 1, 2008 Arbonne International welcomed Peter Matravers to the Arbonne family as Vice President, Product Development. Peter, who holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, will be guiding your Product Development and Regulatory teams as they work to create extraordinary and innovative products for Arbonne.

Peter has more than 25 years of skin care and consumer product development experience, including 13 years as the Vice President of Research & Development at Aveda (an Estée Lauder brand) and has supported the success of several other major name brands including Neutrogena and International Playtex. During his exceptional career, Peter has effectively organized a diverse, multidisciplinary process integrating botanical research, perfumery, formulation, regulatory, consumer insight testing and green technologies into product development. His accomplishments include proprietary ingredient development, creative formulations and new methodologies in product performance testing. Peter is the recipient of over 20 U.S. and international patents in these areas. His leadership brings a fresh and experienced new focus and even closer collaboration among all of you who work to introduce cutting–edge, effective products to your Consultants and Clients.

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