Detox Spa Purifying Sea Soak - Minerals Chosen from Pacific, Atlantic and European Coastline...Watch the Video Below...Your Body Needs It!

One of the best ways that we can take care of our health is to maintain our ionic balance. Science teaches us that everything has a positive or negative charge. Our bodies are no different. Toxins in our environment upset the delicate balance of positive and negative ions on our skin and in our body. Toxins like heavy metal pollution in our air like exhaust from cars, the personal care products we may use which are full of paraben laced synthetic hormones and animal by-product, the foods and drinks we ingest which are full of artificial flavors, colors, Bisphenol and so many more harmful chemicals cause an imbalance. When the balance is upset, we feel it in ways like low energy levels, stress, poor skin function (the skin is the 2nd largest organ of elimination after the liver) which leads to break outs and just plain ugly aging skin, sleep problems, aches and pains and accelerated aging.

Remineralizing the body with a Purifying Sea Soak will help to maintain a balance and make you feel great. Anyone with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis or any of the above mentioned complaints will benefit from SeaSource Spa products. The Purifying soak is a quick, relaxing way to absolutely recharge and take away aches and pains.

Unrefined sea salt contain 98.0 % NaCl (sodium-chloride) and up to 2.0% other minerals (salts) : Epsom salts and other Magnesium salts, Calcium salts, Potassium (Kalium) salts, Manganese salts, Phosphorus salts, Iodine salts, .. all together over 100 minerals composed of 80 chemical elements... Composition of crystal of ocean salt is so complicated that no laboratory in the world can produce it from its basic 80 chemical elements. Nature is still better chemist than people and SeaSource Spa is the ocean's restorative best!

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