Idiots Paying $1.50 for NYC Tap Water

I just heard from CNN that New Yorkers are paying $1.50 for NYC bottled water. Why on earth are people paying for the same thing that comes out of their tap? Click on the title above for link to the story about these idiots. Great job on creating more landfill and proving how stupid people are getting from all of the toxins in and around us!!



  1. This just burns me up. Bottled water is probably the biggest pet peeve I have. I just don't understand why in a country where clean, safe tap water is available, people want to pay for bottled water. The resources used in the bottling, the shipping, not to mention the space it takes up in landfills just makes me fume. AND bottled water is typically bottled in petroleum based plastics. When you open a bottle of water, the plastic smell that wafts up. Yeah, that's poisonous. It's called VOC's: volatile organic compounds. It's the same thing that gives new cars, carpeting, paint and adhesives their "new" smell. It's addictive and has been blamed for "sick building syndrom". Seriously, people want to drink VOC's with their water? AAACK! I could go on all day about this, but I won't. As always, I enjoyed your blog. Thanks!

  2. It's okay. I know you could go on all day about this and that is a great thing. keep thinking and sharing. I have something to share with you in the not too distant future that I think you will really love.


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