iPhone Goes Green...Veganize your iPhone Apps and Search for Food Additives!

I just found this awesome app for your iPhone or iPod Touch that is a must have for Vegans and Vegetarians. VegOut makes food choices easy peasy when eating out. VegOut provides the world's largest international listing of vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants at your finger tips. You can find listings by your exact location using your iPhone's GPS or, if you are planning to travel, you can input a custom location.

VegOut is powered by HappyCow. Visit happycow.net for restaurant listings and much more.

Click Download VegOut from the AppStore now!

For those who want to find out what additives are in our food, Food Additives is another must have. This app will give you the skinny on every additive in your food and whether or not it has animal derived ingredients. We all need this one!

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