The New Volvo 2010 XC60 - Good for You, Good for the Environment?

by Shane Shirley Smith

Volvo and the environment , a winning combination. When it comes to designing with the environment in mind, Volvo knows it's not just engines that produce emissions. Meet the new 2010 Volvo XC60...if you have to drive, you'll want to take a seat in one of these babies. At Volvo, the design concept combines protecting the health of people, with protecting the health of our planet.

Take for example the eco-leather that they use. The OEKO-Tex 100 Textile Standard is adhered to by Volvo which means a cleaner environment for all of us. All fabrics, threads, carpets and even safety belts are produced in such a way that no harmful emissions or substances are emitted or present in substantial amounts. Plus, the leather is organically tanned which means even fewer emissions...very cool. With the XC60, that "new car" smell is a thing of the past.

The fun doesn't stop with lower VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). The Volvo XC60 has an Indoor Air Quality Control System which keeps the interior air cleaner than what you could be breathing outside. Too bad everyone with asthma can't afford one.

With a starting price of $32,700 for a well equipped XC60, not everyone can be privy to such eco-consciousness.

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