SC Johnson Shines with New Website...Offers Ingredient Transparency.

By Shane Shirley Smith

I really have to give a pat on the back to SC Johnson on their new website. The website, titled "What's Inside - A Closer Look at the Ingredients Inside Our Products" is a step in the right direction to green many people's lives; some who may otherwise have never thought about what's inside their products. I know there are some environmentalists out there who will probably be all over me for this support, but I applaud SC Johnson for disclosing these ingredients.

Blaming the lack of space on containers as the culprit, companies have gotten away with not providing full ingredient lists for their cleaning products. For just one fragrance there can be a hundred ingredients. I still do not see this type of full disclosure on the SC Johnson site (a notice says more info is coming?) but I think it is a step in a positive direction. SC Johnson says it is a Family Company and I believe it is. They really are working to lessen their environmental impact and do what's right for the families who use their products.

In 2001 they developed the Greenlist™ process. This internal process allows their scientists to provide safety ratings for more than 95 percent of the raw materials they use, including solvents, propellants, insecticides, packaging and more.

According to SC Johnson, through the Greenlist™ process, each raw material receives a rating from 3 to 0, which helps them go beyond regulatory requirements to continually make their products better. An ingredient with a 3 rating is considered "Best," 2 is "Better," 1 is "Acceptable" and 0-rated materials are used only on a limited, approved basis when there is not a viable alternative.

Currently, even though the FDA still says they are safe, SC Johnson is working with their suppliers to phase out phthalates. This company is proactive when it comes to health. Blah Blah Blah Carbon emissions...give them a break. They are evolving in their journey to green as we all are. I know my carbon footprint isn't 0 and never will be. Will yours?

Let us support our industry as they continue to move forward in their journey to green technologies and formulations instead of taxing and trashing them. Of course there are some companies that haven't even thought of going green...but that is what our job is. We must continue to become informed about various toxicants and manufacturing methods so that we may help to lead our industries to greener paths.

Let's just be gentle now. Business bashing is getting old and it never really proved to be productive. Lead with your knowledge, legislation, emails, conversation and the power of your dollar. There are companies out there who are genuinely trying to give the public products which work and are safe for people and our environment. You see some people are never going to venture into Whole Foods or shop organic online. They will perhaps notice 120 year old SC Johnson's Nature’s Source™ line sitting on their grocer's shelf because they trust them. SC Jonson knows this and they have made strides in providing a safer product. I really must applaud them for their efforts.

SC Johnson, trying to do what's right.


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