Earth Day Projects for Teachers to do with their Students!

Earthday is quickly approaching and what better way to set an example than at school!

Here are some simple proactive ideas to teach kids responsibility, enlighten them about their world and teach the 3 r's (reduce, reuse, recycle).

1. Plan a classroom SWAP. Have kids bring in items such as school supplies, backpacks, lunchboxes, or toys etc that they no longer need and swap them for something they do!

2. Teach kids to love and nurture earth. Prepare earth science lessons on the growing about favorite vegetables and flowers. Start seedlings and plant a class garden. Follow up by watering and watching them grow.

3. Have a school-yard cleanup and beautification. Get local merchants or parents involved in donating materials.

4. Create posters with environmental themes and post them around the school. Better yet, have an effect on the community, and ask local merchants to post them in the windows!

5. Throw an EARTHDAY PARTY. Bake an Earthday cake, cupcakes or cookies illustrated to look like an earth. Have them play Earth related games and read an eco friendly themed book.

6. Teach kids about packaging. Show them how to look for recycling symbols on products and read labels and use less packaging. Discuss the importance of being healthy inside and out. Discuss Precycling concepts such as buying products responsibly.

7. Put on an Earthday play or puppet show. Invite other classrooms and/or parents. Use earthday Music Such as Planetpals Music CD. Have students make paper mache puppets and scenery from recycled materials or use Planetpals Finger puppets!

8. Do a nature crafts project…make bag holders, dryer lint clay, paper mache or paper and earthday cards.

9. Implement a school recycle program that will last all year long.. Get the kids involved in the planning and research.

10. Make a recycle bulleting board. Post photos of items that can be recycled, list ideas and list where items can be taken such as books to the library, bags to the grocery store and cards to St Judes.

11. Plan a school yard sale. It’s a great way to practice the 4 “r’s. Download Planetpals Yard Sale Sign. Or have them make Yard sale signs from recycled materials.

12. Make a classroom website or blog on an eco friendly topic. Have each student or groups of students contribute articles and images…and work on it collectively through the end of the year.

For additional ideas and handy Earthday helpers, Check out Planetpals “Greatest Earthday Pages Ever” for recycle Kits, free signs, recycle lessons, lesson plans and eco dictionary. You can click on the title above for a link to Planet Pals.

Judith Gorgone is founder of and creator of Planetpals Earth friendly Characters.

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