A Message from Mesothelioma.com

My name is Brian Turner and I represent the Mesothelioma.com, an asbestos health resource website dedicated to spreading knowledge about the hazards of asbestos exposure and it’s health consequences such as mesothelioma cancer. We have recently begun reaching out to individuals and organizations who understand the importance of a healthy environment in hopes of sharing our message with a wider audience.

The processing of fossil fuels and our reliance on outdated energy sources is harming our environment and harming the workers of our country. In recent months we have seen a surge of asbestos health complications among those who worked in oil refineries and other energy processing centers, mainly due to the amount of asbestos used in these industries.

Additionally, with housing prices down, coupled with the new $8,000.00 first time home buyer credit construction and renovation is on the rise. As a result we are experiencing a great deal of visitors looking for information on how to safely remove asbestos, and replace with a greener alternative.

Unfortunately, few people realize that our environmental attitudes and behaviors are harming not only themselves but also the earth for our children. It is our hope that through building awareness of the harmful effects of our attitudes towards energy and construction we can save both our planet and lives.

Brian Turner
Public Relations Assistant

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