"earth" Movie from DisneyNature and BBC - G Rating Surprising Parents and Scenes Scaring Kids!

I just had to revisit the DisneyNature BBC Earth Movie. If you remember, my family was able to see it a couple of weeks early (as members of the Orlando Science Center) and I wrote a review. I wondered if perhaps I was hallucinating from toxic popcorn when I saw "earth" but your reviews are coming in and I must say it was not the popcorn that was toxic.

Check out these comments from our EHWB community:

"I saw it as well with my 5 year old son who loves animals under false preconceptions. We thought we were going to see a feel good (albeit a warning of the demise of the environment) celebration of nature and animals. For a G rating the filmmakers could have restrained themselves a bit on all the killing scenes(especially those with the added eerie effects of night vision or slow motion). Otherwise they should have shown it for what it is in the advertisements."


"We just saw the movie tonight and I have to agree with you. It was painfully hard to watch. I had no prior warning to the graphic details of these animal killings and brought a 9,8 and 3 year old to watch it. We left when we realized it wasn't going to stop! Like you said.. the film is beautiful with it's amazing views and scenery.. but the "feel good" feel wasn't there for more than 5 minutes before another slaughter was on its way in. I really hope that people get the word out to parents to not bring in their younger children. This movie never should have passed with a "G" rating!!! I'm so disappointed with Disney!!"

and my personal favorite...

"I wish I'd read your review before taking my kids and forking over the money. We made it to the death of the baby elephant at which point my 8 year-old screamed and we ran out of the theater. Beautiful movie, but it should not be rated G."

I am not making this up!

Again, the photography is visually stunning but it is just like you want to make it stop.

Thanks for the updates and keep them coming.


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  2. Hi Walk In CLinic! I think you meant to post this on a different post. I do that all of the time. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I noticed that they have changed some of the commercials to say that the movie may not be appropriate for young children! Yeah.

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