Swine Flu - The Next Pandemeic?

Swine Flu

Okay so we have cases of Swine Flu in Texas, New York, Southern California and Kansas. Apparently the Texas cases began at the first of this month. Did any of you hear about it? The WHO (World Health Organization) as of yesterday was holding off on raising the pandemic alert level. I wonder if today they will raise it? Currently we are level 3 of 6.

Have you seen the pics from Mexico City
with their masks? Crazy. Will that be us in a few days or weeks? We have never seen cases like this in the US. These are not people with compromised immune systems. These are young, strong people. This Swine Flu consists of four different varieties of flu. Some doctors say that if you had a vaccine (you are brave) in the fall to protect you from the regular, run of the mill flu you may be protected because of the four part component of this Swine Flu. Most doctors (and our government) say that it will not help.

The good news is that products like TamiFlu ,may help if you take it soon enough. Let us all be diligent and look out for the following symptoms:
  1. Chills
  2. Fever of over 101
  3. Almost constant cough
  4. Body aches
  5. This will not go away after 48 hours as the regular flu
  7. Sore throat
Here is another big clue; as we are at the end of the regular flu season, if you are experiencing flu symptoms that could be a red flag. There is no reason to panic, just stay informed.

Hey wasn't our US Prez in Mexico City recently? They say he is fine. Apparently the key to whether or not this turns into a pandemic is the virus itself. We just do not know at this time if this will be virulent like 1918 when tens of millions of people died or whether it will just die out. If you are sick with flu like symptoms, you should go to the doctor.

If this does hit your community, it is important to keep your social distance from others, cover up when you cough, wash your hands and stay home if you are sick. You may also want to take a hint from those in Mexico City and wear a mask.

If it hits my home town of Orlando, we are staying home until it is gone which could take 6 to 8 weeks to clear communities.


  1. You have very informative blog about Swine Flu. Let's pray it won't reach pandemic proportion. Hope they can contain it soon. We're half-world away but we are also concerned and scared.

  2. This is scary. The kids catch everything at school. So if it hits where I am, do I keep my kids home from school for 6 to 8 weeks? If I keep them home, they won't pass to the next grade.

  3. Curious how these new viruses appear "out of nowhere". Thanks for "heads up" Shane :)

  4. Candle Anne, if it does get to your town, the government seems to be very proactive in containing it so they will close the schools if they feel it is necessary. Personally, if it came to my town and they did not close the schools,I would keep my kids home and get all work to do at home.

    The key for everyone is to wash our hands diligently and if you get the flu immediately contact your doctor for TamiFlu which seems to fight this Swine Flu and stay home until you are well.

  5. PS Candle Ann and all...
    They have closed 14 schools in Texas and I know the Health Department here in Florida is in touch with schools to begin educating our kids about how to protect themselves.

  6. Invaluable information, thank you!

    Latest news suggests that the source of the flu is a result of some pretty unhealthy industrial farming.

    Prevention is the best solution of all, but who knows how long it will take before farming like this is banned or better monitored.


    In the meantime, I'm fowarding your advice along!

  7. Thanks Deborah. I am working on a post about how this swine flu starts. Thanks for the link. I am heading to check it out now.

  8. hi, very informative post, may i ask your permission to repost your article to my site? i will include your link to the post if you agree. thank you very much.

  9. Very informative and at the same time very scary. Hope there is a cure and prevention out in the market, this one is a really serious case. Thank you for posting!

  10. Thanks for stopping by Bryan. My daughter had Swine FLu and asthma and came out of it okay. This is serious, but I think the vaccine is even more serious.

  11. Great post! I have made few changes cause I done it by myself while reading your post though. Thank you for this one! You got me here.

  12. Thanks for stopping by Ayen. Glad you found it helpful.


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