Resveratrol - What You Need to Know about this Piece of the Anti-Aging Puzzle

Hi all, we are very lucky to have Michael Hill with ReserveAge Organics (follow on Twitter) put this post together for us. I have had a lot of questions about Resveratrol and I am excited to share Michael's knowledge about this piece of the anti-aging puzzle. - Shane

For untold generations the people of France have benefited from a phenomenon called the “French Paradox.” This paradox observes that despite eating a diet rich in fats, just like most Americans, they suffer from lower levels of heart disease and tend to live longer.

Interestingly, modern medicine points to one natural compound as the key to this phenomenon: Resveratrol. Resveratrol made by plants, most famously the red grape, as a natural defense against fungi and other dangers in the environment. In addition, this means that Organic crops actually contain more Resveratrol than non-Organic crops.

Some of the most important Resveratrol breakthroughs have come out of Harvard during the last decade. Research on mice was conducted, where mice given Resveratrol were compared to control groups not using Resveratrol. The mice taking Resveratrol, had fewer health problems, had more endurance and had fewer incidences of obesity related illnesses like heart disease and a disease similar to diabetes. Research has suggested that Resveratrol might help our bodies fight cancer, Alzheimer’s, aging itself and a number of other diseases that we typically associate with age.

Research looking into Resveratrol and Cancer is still in its early stages. However, current studies suggest that Resveratrol, either on its own or combined with other drugs, may actually destroy cancer cells by increasing Apoptosis, which is self destruction within the cells.

Alzheimer research has also led to interesting findings in mice. Mice taking Resveratrol show improved memory in older age when given tests. In addition, they show a lower occurrence of plaque on the brain, plaque is what actually causes the symptoms seen in Alzheimer’s. Research suggests that a person may be able to use Resveratrol as a way to stop the degenerative effects of Alzheimer’s. This means that despite having Alzheimer’s a person may be able to use Resveratrol as a way to retain their mental faculties.

Resveratrol in any form is a polyphenol and an antioxidant, the key to anti-aging claims is its active form Trans-Resveratrol. Trans-Resveratrol is currently the only antioxidant known to trigger the SIRT1 “Longevity Gene.” The SIRT1 gene has been studied for decades. Animal research found that calories restriction activated the SIRT2 Gene, of which SIRT1 is an analogue in humans, found that it led to better health and a prolonged life span.

Organically grown foods are healthier and better for the environment than their non-organic counterparts. Eating organically grown foods and taking organic supplements can save our bodies from expending vital energy to digest and process the harmful chemical additives commonly found in non-organic products. In addition, not all of these harmful additives are easily eliminated from our body—some stay in our organs, sapping us our essential energy as our bodies fight to break them down.

If you could examine the origins of the foods that you consume every day, you might be shocked to discover that they may contain more than 150+ chemical factors, which are ingested with each bite. Needless to say, these foods can have toxic effects on your well-being and vitality. Instead of gaining energy and health benefits from your food, your body becomes saturated with unwanted harmful chemicals. On the other hand, when eating organically grown foods and supplements, your body is nourished, leaving you vibrant and energized. What you put into your body is also reflected in your outward appearance, so you'll not only feel better but you are going to look better too.

The largest study, to date, of organic food was completed in 2007 and found organic fruits and vegetables contain 40% more antioxidants than non-Organic ones. In addition non-Organic foods contained twice as much pesticide residue. Washing the fruit doesn’t help because these chemicals are absorbed into the food as its being grown. This is the reason that ReserveAge Organics uses only certified Organic Grapes whereas other companies use non-Organic products to make their Resveratrol.

This should be of utmost importance to people who would like to take Resveratrol. Non-Organic plants are able to use man-made chemicals as a way to protect themselves, which means they don’t need to produce as much Resveratrol. Organic plants have to use their natural defenses and produce the strongest Resveratrol they can. In addition, when using non-Organic Resveratrol, many of those man-made chemicals are present when it enters your body.

As of now, only one company, ReserveAge Organics, uses Certified Organic ingredients when it makes its Resveratrol supplements.


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  5. Alex, why are you weary? Do you know something I don't? It is a rather new discovery but no one has been proven to live longer becasue of it...yet.

    I have not added resveratrol to my supplements yet but try to get it in my diet. I really want to try it as the research looks promising.

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