That's Not My Name...Do You Need a Seasons 52 Night?

Do you ever feel like that song by The Ting Tings called That's Not My Name? Now mind you I am so old now that I have absolutely no idea what the @#*! she is really saying other than "That's Not My Name!" but sometimes I feel like singing...

"They call me Wife, they call me Mrs., they call me Mam, they call me Mom.

That's not my name, that's not my name, that's not!"

So when I start feeling like people see me as someone other than who I feel like I am on the inside, I know I need a night out.

When my wild side calls, I always love to go out with the girlies for a good old fashioned, get into a little trouble night of fun and adventure. These nights usually involve lot's of cleavage (not mine), too much alcohol, loud music, guys hovering, bootie's shaking and the occasional late night call to old boyfriends. All harmless fun.

Lately however, the girls and I do not seem to be able to get it all together for one of our, "get the wild out of your system" nights. This means I have had to resort to nights out with my hubby.

Last night we dumped the kids at MiMi's and headed to one of our favorite spots, Seasons 52; the start of some wild GNO's but I'll save that for another posting. Although this is a chain restaurant, one of Darden's , they really do it right. It isn't cheap, but it isn't extremely pricey either and I must say that I didn't see the Recession in sight as the place was packed.
I love Seasons 52 slogan, "Celebrating Living Well Through, Seasonally Inspired Healthier Dining...52 Weeks A Year". It always works for me. They took care of us. For a little while my other life melted away with my worries about jobs, the economy, kids and life.
"Seasons 52 promises a dining adventure in which each bite reveals a new taste sensation.
Rediscover the authentic tastes of freshly harvested food. Every week of the year as different foods reach their seasonal peak of taste, we seek out the best market-fresh products, such as vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes in summer, crisp apples in autumn, hearty root vegetables in winter and tender green asparagus in spring.
Every item on our seasonally inspired menu contains less than 475 calories, and each meal is nutritionally balanced to include the highest quality lean meats and seafood, good carbs and beneficial oils such as extra virgin olive oil.
Seasons 52 combines the sheer pleasure of a great meal served well with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve served yourself well too!"
Our adorable little server who shook my Raspberry TeaTini, made my napkin into Origami when I left the table to powder my nose and hung on every word I said made me feel like someone special. The food of course was flavorful, filling and nutritious but more than that they do a great job of nurturing you through a leisurely evening of dining. This place is good for the mind, body and soul.
You also might find that it serves as a great start to a wild night out or in...


  1. Your hubby sounds fab but you sooo need a night out with the girls!

  2. Michelle, my husband is fab. You are probably right though, I am in need of a GNO!

  3. fab is no problem....what you need is a good balanced diet with a regular exercises....

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  4. Thanks Anonymous. I will check it out.

  5. Shane that is spam!


    How are you?

  6. Hey Michelle, I so do not care if that is spam. I am not a spam hater!

  7. I like your thought but we must be aware of all spammers because all are not good :)

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