Near Sea Naturals...Everything you need to sew, Naturally! Organic,Sustainable Fabrics and Notions.

I should be getting to bed, but I just noticed that a new member of our Environmental Booty community site just joined and she owns an amazing company and I had to share.  If any of you guys out there like to sew, but would like organics and sustainable fabrics and notions, NearSea Naturals is your one stop shop.

In their own words
"Today, too many of us shop for clothes at our local Big Box store, appreciating the low price without realizing the true cost of what we buy. When we lose our connection to where our clothes come from, it is easy to forget the difference our fiber choices make. In choosing items that support and sustain life, we nourish ourselves, our families, and the world around us.

Shopping at NearSea Naturals enables a conscious choice: buying products you feel good about from people you know and trust. Our sustainable fabrics, notions, and usable goods support systems that are bringing about the world we all imagine. It's not just organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, silk -- it's the process, the people, and the world we're leaving for our children's children."

Conventional cotton production utilizes a lot of pesticides, perhaps even more than any other crop!  Have you ever noticed any of the Surgeon General's warnings on garmet tags?  Plus, have you ever noticed how the clothes sort of have a certain "smell" to them?  Well that smell is the chemicals.  Nice huh? 

If you are into sewing your own clothes or are interested in learning must check them out HERE.

Okay, off to bed...


  1. Thank you, Shane -- I appreciate the mention! :) We have more than 350 different sustainable fabrics in stock, as well as a marvelous selection of luscious yarns, splendid notions like organic thread, natural buttons, and more. And we're constantly adding new products to make your fiber crafting more enjoyable, always with a focus on the entire lifecycle.


  2. Tara, I love your mission and your company! Thanks for the work oyu are doing to Wake People Up and provide great products.


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