Want Green Giveaways, Discounts and Promotions? Check out our First "Daily Green Deal" with Over $32,000 in Prizes and be on your way to Winning with Sustainability!!!

Have you noticed that everywhere you look these days, you are being offered a new promotion, giveaway or coupon?  In these tough economic times, companies are doing all they can to gain your following, trust and interest. The majority of  these savings, though, are not green and if you are wondering where those deals are, I have the answer.

If you are interested in saving green on green (sorry I had to say it) and winning amazing Eco-prizes in giveaways that offer savings on sustanable products that are not only good for you, but that are also not harmful to our environment, I can point you in the right direction.

Our online community, Environmental Booty has a new Members Only "Daily Green Deal" page.  I  track down the latest and greatest deals that make you feel good not only about saving but also about what you are buying.  Each day I will be posting some of the most amazing Eco-giveaways, coupons, and finds that will provide an ongoing experience of real value to you and your family.

Click HERE to go to the Environmental Booty community site (it's like Facebook  for people who treasure self, people and planet)  and join.  After you sign up to become a member, a new "Daily Green Deal" tab will pop up on the far right side of the tab bar.  Click on it and you will land on our "Daily Green Deal" page.

The deals will change daily, so be sure to check in often!  Our first "Daily Green Deal" prize giveaway was a package of Environmental Booty worth over $32,000 with 231 randomly chosen winners.  Members had the chance to win Eco-prizes like trips to Eco-Spas, vegan bags, jewelry and even free organic milk for an entire year! So come and check out our newest green giveaway and be on your way to winning with a sustainable lifestyle.  Good luck and be sure to add me as a friend on Environmental Booty!


  1. It is really good deal to help our environment.

  2. It's a win win! Do you blog? I did not see you post your site info when you commented.


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