It's International Infection Prevention Week. Why Should You Care that Kimberly-Clark is Dedicated to Prevention with their HAI Watch: Not on My Watch Campaign?

When someone develops an infection at a hospital or other patient care facility that they did not have prior to treatment, it's referred to as a healthcare-associated (sometimes hospital-acquired) infection or HAI.  I remember when I was a little girl, my grandfather always said he would never go to a hospital because all they did was kill people!

I never understood that worry and when he said it I he always scared me to death.  Today I do not have a fear of going into the hospital, but the HAI issue is one of critical importance to every healthcare facility, worker and consumer.  Why? Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are
a global crisis affecting both patients and healthcare workers.  The CDC estimates that almost 2 million people are affected every year and it is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in the US.  Surprised?  So was I.

I get tons of messages from a lot from different companies and organizations wanting me to get the word out about their product, organization or mission. I do not always think you guys would be interested but I wanted to share the following email I received with you as I know we have a following of healthcare folks and at anytime, any of us could end up in the hospital.

Hi Shane

Since this is International Infection Prevention Week, I thought the readers of Environmental Health-Wellness-... Get Informed Now! would be interested to know that Kimberly-Clark Health Care is on the forefront of protecting patients from Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) and has put together a campaign dedicated to that prevention called HAI Watch: Not on My Watch.
We've created a site that has information for both healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Barbara Dunn
HAI Watch News

Kimberly Clark (with trusted brands like Kleenex, Scott, Huggies and my all time, personal favorites in their line for preventing exhaustive, middle of the night sheet changes during potty training ) is dedicated to helping hospitals and their healthcare workers to create a safer environment for consumers.  They believe that with awareness and information, they can make a difference to consumers and their safety.  I applaud what they are doing and you can check it out HERE

Healthcare workers and administrators listen up, the "Not on My Watch" campaign provides accredited continuing education (CE) programs based on best practices and guidelines as well as research available on reducing the incidence of healthcare-associated infections.  You definitely need to keep an eye out for HAI Watch Education Bus...

For details about the HAI Education Bus please visit or contact Barbara Dunn (


  1. Nitish PriyadarshiSaturday, October 24, 2009

    Dear Shane thanks for following my blog. I am convinced with concept of your grandfather that hospital kills us. Here in my city people get horrified in name of being hospitalized. Doing the great job. :)

    Recent blog:=- Earthquake hits today Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

  2. Thanks Nitish. At least there are companies that are looking at ways of making hospitals safer. I am not sure if Kimberly-Clark is working worldwide with this or just in the US...?

  3. This is really a extremely beneficial read for me, Thanks For Sharing;


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