Thinking of Flying? Green Up the Sky with Southwest Airlines.

I love my girlfriend Laura.  If I wasn't married (and straight)  I  would want to marry her!  Lola (my pet name for her) is way hot, smart, a great wife and she is super brave.  You see I am deathly (that may be an overstatement...slightly) afraid of flying and my girlie Laura is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines.  She has worked for them for years and loves it.  If I ever have to fly, I always fly Southwest...actually that is a lie...I never fly.  But, if I were to fly I would go Southwest.  Today, I just found another reason to fly Southwest...they are going Eco.

Okay so back off with the, "Oh sure, Eco when they are blowing enough jet fuel to run a country!"  I am constantly amazed at the corporate "green bashing" that goes on when a company tries to become a little more environmentally conscience.  Pump the brakes on the bashing and check this out.

Today, according to Reuters, Southwest Airlines has debuted a  "Green Plane" with environmentally friendly interior materials.  This "green plane"  is an innovative idea that marries efficiency, environmentally responsible products, customer comfort, and reduced waste and weight. This plane, a Boeing 737-700, will serve as a test environment for new environmentally responsible materials and customer comfort products.

"Southwest is committed to continuing to lead the industry in emissions reductions through fuel efficiency. Efficiency in fuel consumption benefits our Company as well as the environment, and this has been part of our business model since the beginning," said Gary Kelly, Southwest's Chairman, President, and CEO. "As we look to the future, we know climate change remains of vital importance to our industry, our Company, and our Customers, so Southwest works hard every day in every area to be a responsible steward of the environment."

This "green plane" is pretty cool: with 100% recycled carpet that is recycled in a carbon neutral process, e-Leather that is a man-made alternative to traditional leather which is made with leftovers from the leather industry and a lightweight, canvas container for the ever important life vest which reduces the weight ratio of each passenger by one pound, thus decreasing weight and fuel needed to fly the jet.

Southwest also announced today a November 1 launch of it's revamped recycling program which will divert more passenger trash from our landfills! 

Southwest has always been progressive and I for one applaud their efforts.  For more information on ways Southwest's Airlines cares for the environment, click HERE.


  1. thanks for the info. It's too bad you don't fly. Southwest is a good airline with many reasons for using them.
    Now I can add another reason.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I so everything I can to never get on a plane , but if ever I do fly in the future, I will go with SW! :'(


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