5 Ways to Go Green Today

I don't know about you, but life seems to move very fast these days.  I seem to never have enough time in my day to finish all the things that I would like to. Trying to fit in a green lifestyle, though, doesn't have to  be time consuming.  Here are 5 ways to start greening your life today...with very little effort.
  1. Never leave a room with the light on - I have heard the argument that the power company will keep making as much power even if you turn off your lights, computer and electronics when not in use.  But it will save on your power bill and eventually, if we all reduce our electrical use, the power companies will be forced to produce less energy...or they will be forced out of business.
  2. Stop using plastic water bottles - each time you drink from a plastic water bottle, you are contributing to the 1.5 Million: barrels of oil it takes to make bottled water in the U.S. each year (enough energy to power 250,000 homes).  Four out of 5 water bottles do not make it into our recycling bins and, instead end up in our rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and landfills.  According to Trusted MD, the type of plastic bottle in which water is usually sold is usually a #1, and is only recommended for one time use. Do not refill it.  Get yourself a stainless steel container for yourself and each member of your family or just use a glass.
  3. Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth - Just doing this will save about three gallons of water.  Think water is an endless resource?  It's not.  Just ask people who live in California.  Republican Senator Dave Cogdill says the Delta, and California, can’t go on like this.“We have a system that was built for 18 million people,” Cogdill said. “There are now 38 million of us, and as a result of some pretty extraordinary technology and conservation efforts, we’ve been able to get by. But we all know that we’re all living on borrowed time.” Our future water supply is dependent upon our conservation efforts of today. 
  4. Bring your own bags (reuse plastic, paper or use cloth)  for groceries and take-out - In 2005 the EPA estimated that only 5% of our plastic bags get recycled.  Check out reuseablebags.com for a second by second update on how many plastic bags have been used in the US this year and your jaw will drop. Where do they end up?  In our landfills and no one knows how long it will take for them to biodegrade.  We do not have unlimited places and spaces for our trash.  We need to think passed today and into tomorrow to insure our future generations sustainability.
  5. Become aware - begin to think about the choices you make every day and how they are affecting your health and the health of our environment.  Just open your mind to a new way of thinking. Read what you can and talk to your friends.  Join communities of like minded people like www.environmentalbooty.com to gain more information and understanding of the issues we face for our health and sustainability.  
Remember, it's not about feeling guilty for what you aren't doing or what you don't know yet.  It's about waking up to a new way of thinking, sharing those ideas and patting yourself on the back for every little step you take on the path to a greener, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips with us. Never underestimate all these small acts, their impacts can be very great, far beyond our imagination.

    I will give you my support.

  2. Hi Shane! I finally have been able to stream through your blog and your website! I've just updated my blog with a post about your blog! Check it out...again my blog is greenmeellenzubeck.blogspot.com and for all the rest of you out there interested in GOING GREEN-check it out and PLEASE comment! I would love to hear what you all have to say! :)

  3. Hey Gillian, believe it or not, some people have no idea where to start to I like your comment on starting small. As long as people start right? Is everyone well at across the ocean in your place?

  4. Ellen! SO great to see you here. I am heading over to your blog now. I love your enthusiasm...thanks for stopping by, for commenting and sharing our site! I use way too many "!" marks. sigh


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead