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Do You Want to See A Greener World?

A fellow blogger, Beth the Green Mom, has teamed up with a really innovative eye wear company to create a very cool green contest for all of us.  Beth has teamed-up with Airwear® to invite other environmentally-conscious consumers to share their visions of a greener world.   I usually save these green contests and giveaways for our Members at Environmental Booty, but this one I decided to share with everyone! 

All you have to do is share what your family is doing to go green.  You can enter on the widget below or on the Airwear® site.  You could win lighter, safer, greener lenses for your ENTIRE FAMILY (Approximate Retail Value-ARV $400 Total ARV of all prizes awarded  up to $1500). 

"Now you can support the environment and establish an every day green routine with your eyewear.  A pioneer in optical lenses, Essilor now employs green manufacturing processes in the Airwear® lenses. Airwear® lenses are the first Essilor lens material to go green, significantly reducing its environmental footprint by implementing responsible manufacturing, including:

1. Packaging: Essilor uses 100 percent recyclable cardboard made from 100 percent recyclable wooden fibers for Airwear® lenses, helping to eliminate 570,000 pounds of plastic waste every year.

2. Water Consumption: Essilor uses 100 percent recycled water for Airwear® lenses, cutting consumption in half and conserving millions of gallons of water.

3. Recycling Excess Material: Airwear® re-purposes unused materials for other industries, such as automobiles and writing instruments.

4. Donating Eyewear: Essilor supports Lions Club International's Recycle for Sight program, which accepts old, usable glasses and donates them to those in need.

But going green doesn't mean sacrificing comfort, performance, protection and style. Airwear® lenses are 43 percent lighter and 10 times more impact-resistant than standard plastic lenses. They also provide 100 percent UV protection." (from the Airwear® site)

So enter below and go to the Airwear® site to keep winning on your path to green! 

To get your green thoughts rolling, I put together my Top 3 Ways for your Family to Go Green Today...

1. Baking soda will clean just about anything and it is cheap, cheap, cheap!! You can even use it as a wash for veggies and fruit. Just put some in water and rinse or place veggies/fruit in a BPA-free colander and sprinkle soda over the top and rinse. Click HERE for SIXTY USES OF BAKING SODA!

2. Stop using plastic water bottles - each time you drink from a plastic water bottle, you are contributing to the 1.5 Million: barrels of oil it takes to make bottled water in the U.S. each year (enough energy to power 250,000 homes). Four out of 5 water bottles do not make it into our recycling bins and, instead end up in our rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and landfills. Plus, every time you drink from a plastic water bottle, your BPA levels go up 70%. The jury is still out in the US but BPA's have been linked to cancer in animals. A recent study showed a correlation between moms who had high levels of BPA in the first trimester of pregnancy to having 2 year old girls who are hyperactive. Get yourself a stainless steel container for yourself and each member of your family or just use a glass. Think of how much money you spend on those darn cases of bottled water...?

3. Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth - Just doing this will save about three gallons of water. Think water is an endless resource? It's not. Just ask people who live in California. Republican Senator Dave Cogdill says the Delta, and California, can’t go on like this.“We have a system that was built for 18 million people,” Cogdill said. “There are now 38 million of us, and as a result of some pretty extraordinary technology and conservation efforts, we’ve been able to get by. But we all know that we’re all living on borrowed time.” Our future water supply is dependent upon our conservation efforts of today.

Most importantly, open your mind and stay informed...visit green sites and blogs, join green communities, and share info with your friends!! It's not about guilt, it's about information. Our future depends on our knowledge and actions. What choices will you make today that will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow?

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  1. This is a great post about going green and how even everyday people can do their part. Thank you for the post!

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  2. Ashan, That's great Ashan. Too bad you aren't in the USA and you could participate in the giveaway. Go HERE to participate in our EB Green Giveaway. :)


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead