The Sony Eco-TV - Why We Love It!

The Sony KDL-VE5 Series has presence sensors that will actually shut the TV off when you leave a room.  I hear every mom in America cheering, don't you?  I know my girls are constantly leaving a room with the TV on and it makes me a little crazy.  Every time I hear or see a television on, and realize no one is watching, I see green...and it's not the sustainable kind.  I pay the electric bill and it always makes me realize just how much energy we are consuming. 

Even though Sony is using the Eco-label to attract buyers, I think it truly fits in this case.  Hats off to Sony on an innovative  job well done.

You can see the read the full review of the Sony KDL-VE5 series HERE.

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  1. I want one!! Hopefully the technology will become common place soon for all tv's.

  2. the sony technology is always an best one to use i love it and reaches the people soon

  3. Thanks DLJ!! I do not think I have ever owned a sony but we need a new I am thinking this one is it.


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