You must Run Over to my Fellow OpenSky Shopkeeper, Trish Vawter's Scent Hive, and Pick Up Some Paraben Free Mascara from Dr. Hauschka!

Dr. Hauschka - Volume Mascara Black

I was checking out my fellow OpenSky Shopkeepers the other day and I found out that my girl Trish over at Scent Hive is a fan of all natural Dr. Hauschka.  I love their mascara because it doesn't contain parabens!  Parabens have been linked in some studies to breast cancer in women and low sperm counts in men. Obviously I do all I can to go paraben free but I  find it so hard to find a great mascara that is paraben free.

This all natural mascara is a winner and with free shipping at OpenSky it's a no-brainer-beauty-green deal.

I am heading to The Scent Hive on OpenSky to pick up some of the blue colored mascara for my daughter and some black for me. Hope to see you there!

Trish and I would love to hear about any great paraben free products that you have found and and can't go without.  Leave us a comment below and fill us in on your paraben free beauty secrets. 

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