Can We Feed the Masses with Organics?

I just came across an article which really made me think about what are we doing with organics?  Are organic food and product choices just a right for those that can afford them?  Is it sustainable for farmers?  Do people
really connect and care about all of the potentially unsafe build up of toxic pesticides in their systems and in our environment?

I do not have the answer to all of these questions, it's just one of those health and environmental health issues which I try to stay informed about.  What starts to worry me is when we have organic farmers who cannot make as much money as they can with regular crops bailing on growing organics.  I mean what would I expect them to do?  Ultimately farming is a business and farmers have to feed and clothe their families too.  Certainly, though,  we want to be gaining organic farmers as opposed to losing them.  Even organic apple farmers are finding it hard to make a living.

How can we feed the masses with healthy, organic foods if we lose farmers to higher profits from non-organic crops?  

Okay so I am rambling a bit but I have a lot of thoughts running through my head.  I will stop for today and just ask you to check out the article Organic rice losing luster.


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