What Do Professional Cleaning Companies Think of Brightly Green Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products? CottageCare,Orlando's Premier Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service Gives Them a Try

A few weeks back, I wrote a review on Brightly Green environmentally safe, plant-based cleaning products.  I was impressed but I wondered what a professional, green cleaning company would think of the Brightly
Green line of non-toxic cleaning products.  I know Brightly Green is sold in concentrates for professional use and I wanted to get the word out to professional cleaning companies so they could spread the green clean around the country! First though, I really needed to be sure these products would hold up to a professional green clean.  I set out to find a green cleaning company that would be willing to give me their feedback on the products.

I contacted  CottageCare as they have been using professional green cleaning supplies throughout the United States and Canada since their inception in the mid 70's.  If they liked these products, I knew they would pass the test with other cleaning companies.   I was excited when Crystal (who is as nice as they come) with CottageCare's local Orlando location agreed to give Brightly Green a try.

Guess what I found out?  Brightly Green Cleaning supplies are a winner when it comes to giving and getting a professional, environmentally safe and clean home.  Two lovely ladies tested a varied batch of Brightly Green cleaning supplies and they were very happy with the results.

Below is a list of products used and their comments:
  1. Brightly Green Tile Cleaner - "Worked great." "Smells really good!"
  2. Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner - "This works good and you can see the difference."
  3. Brightly Green Stainless Steel Cleaner - "Shines so Great!" "This one smells so good."
  4. Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner - "Makes the counter tops really look shiny."
  5. Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner - "Didn't have to scrub hard at all to get it really clean." "The shine is great!"
  6. Brightly Green Toilet Bowl Cleaner - "Cleaned up the rust stains." "Got the toilet nice and clean."
I think the thing that impressed CottageCare the most was the amazing shine they got with these green cleaning products.

If you own a professional cleaning service which is already using green cleaning supplies or if you are thinking of greening your professional cleaning company, Brightly Green is a product you should explore.  Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency,  reports that “the air inside the typical home is on average 2-5 times more polluted than the air just outside—and in extreme cases 100 times more contaminated—largely because of household cleaners and pesticides.”  Just think about how those toxic cleaning supplies are affecting environmental health after they rinse down the drain.

Think of how many people and businesses are using professional cleaning services every day.  Then just think of what a difference it would make on human and environmental health if ALL of those companies used green cleaning products.  Ask your cleaning company to go green today with Eco-friendly cleaning products like Brightly Green non-toxic, professional cleaning supplies!  If they drag their feet and don't switch, find a green cleaning company like CottageCare and give them your business.  Do it now for your health and the health of our environment.

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  1. I really appreciate people considers and focuses healthy green living habits. I truly agree that green living is the key to good health, every time we choose that way, we are indeed choosing life.

  2. Hi Bryan, we all better get to greening or there will certainly be no life. Chemicals are killing us and our planet.

  3. Thank you Shane and Cottage Care! Your review of Brightly Green means so much to us! Brightly Green is very proud of our efforts to provide safe & effective household cleaners to the world. If anyone needs answers to their questions about “green cleaning” please go to our Blog http://www.brightlygreen.blogspot.com or our Brightly Green website http://www.brightlygreen.biz and ask your questions about our Eco Friendly products or anything else you may want to know regarding chemicals in your home or business. My team of experts will be happy to help you!

  4. Msphd, no problem. When I find a great green product I make it my mission to share!

  5. Looking forward to more posts from you (I am a new reader), but, for product review I have also been linked with tweets from SustainLane-http://www.sustainlane.com/ I find their reviews are helpful for the everyday user.


  6. Amanda, thanks for the tip. I am familiar with that great green site. I just gave one of their articles a Tweet.

    Glad to have you here.

  7. so Much informatics and interesting tips ......

  8. I am all for green products we need more of them in the world.
    We all need to use them . It is better for all of us if we do

  9. Thanks for all the helpful information :)


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