The Birth of My Green Mattress

The Birth of My Green Mattress
Guest Post by Tim "The Bed Head"

My inkling to add an organic mattress line to my quality sleep factory started a while ago.  Every time I delivered a new mattress to a customer I was throwing another into the landfill.  This bothered me tremendously.  Often I wondered if there was a better way.  To claim that my business is 100% green wouldn't be truthful.  We are slowly evolving our path to what is natural. Adding my green mattress to my line of product offerings speaks profoundly to my green sensibilities. With determination, my factory will continue to add to green business practices as to do my part to lesson the footprint left behind on this earth.

Introducing the My Green Mattress Line:

    * Organic Dreams Mattress
    * Natural Escape Mattress
    * Evergreen Mattress
    * Pure Echo Mattress
    * Emily Crib Mattress

Here is what makes our organic mattresses green:

    * Chemical-free
    * Remarkable longevity of Mattress
    * Components are locally sourced
    * Biodegradable
    * Offering additional choices to the consumer

Proudly I craft all my mattresses one at a time by hand. I enjoy the personal attention I can bring to someone's dream mattress. Being able to offer a multitude of custom mattress choices and unsurpassed quality to the consumer is very important to me. This of course includes our line of organic mattresses.

Tim "The Bed Head"

A big "Thank you" to Tim for this guest post.  I was intrigued by his product and asked him if he could share his story and message of greening your slumber.  Eight hours a night, 365 days a year is a lot of time to spend with our noses pressed up against toxic mattresses made of petroleum based chemicals, foams, plastics and controversial flame retardants.  

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