Have You Heard the News? Aspartame is Now a Natural Sweetener!

Last week when I read the Natural News article about Ajinomoto's efforts to re-brand low calorie sweetener Aspartame as an all natural sweetener called Amino Sweet, I almost became ill.  Ingesting too much Aspartame made me so sick that doctors told me I had MS.  Within three days of cutting Aspartame out of my diet, my symptoms were gone.  That was almost 2 years ago and I am furious that consumers are going to be duped into thinking that the artificial sweetener Aspartame is natural and therefore safe.

Aspartame, which is in the artificial sweeteners Equal and NutraSweet,  can be found in thousands of products and has been shown to cause neurological brain damage, cancerous tumors and endocrine disruption among other things. The FDA currently considers Aspartame safe when consumed in small amounts.  Tell me though, how do we consume Aspartame in small amounts when it is in thousands of products?  Aspartame is added to not only diet products but to pharmaceuticals, chewing gum, mints and literally thousands of other products as well.

In January of 1976, the current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Alexander Schmidt testified before Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass) that Hazleton Laboratories, under contract to Searle, had been charged with falsifying toxicological data on the sweetener.

The FDA formed a Public Board of Inquiry to examine the charges and concluded that aspartame could  "contribute to the development brain tumors." and recommended that, pending confirmation of these findings, this sweetener should no longer be used.  Now we are going to let Ajinomoto  market Aspartame as safe and natural?  Aspartame should be banned, not pushed on uniformed consumers as natural and therefore safe. 

I talk with friends, family and people all of the time about the toxic effects of Aspartame and the one question they ask is if Aspartame is so unsafe, why are they okay when they ingest it?  My answer to that question is how do they know if they are okay?  How many headaches do they get?  How often do they feel numbness or tinging in their hands or feet?  How much Aspartame will be too much for them or their children? 

All I am asking you to do today is to decrease your ingestion of Aspartame for 3 days and let me know how you feel?  Just know that because something is natural, it is not necessarily safe. 

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