K.C. Malhan Eco- Bags...Some of Oprah's Favorite Things! Now 25% Off!

The first time my teenage daughter Reece and I saw a K.C. Malhan bag we fell in love immediately with the intricate beading, vibrant colors and hot designs.  Although I loved the bags, I did not even think about offering them to my friends online in my Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop as I had no idea they were "green".  Then I met the designer, Jessica Singh and found out just how in line with my philosophy of treasuring self, people and planet her bags and company really are.

One of the first things that Jessica said to me was, "I have always felt like I am Eco."  She then went on to describe her beautiful bags as being created using glass beads which are lead free, being all vegan as no leather is used and doing one of the greenest things she can by not using any adhesives.  She went on to explain that there is no way that she could expect the people who make the bags to work around the smell of toxic adhesive all day.

When she told me about the little tag they sew inside of each bag which has the Hindu word for "truth"  on it , I was completely positive that I would do all I could to offer her bags in my shop to all of you.  This was a chick who truly cared about the people who worked for her and cared about providing a chemical free product for her consumers.  I immediately became a fan of not only the green philosophy behind the  K.C. Malhan bags, but I also became a fan of the green living woman who passionately creates the bags as well. Jessica walks the green talk and tries to live an Eco-lifestyle.  She even has some of the products I stock  in my Environmental Booty Shop

If you have heard any of the recent news reports about lead in handbags, you can rest assured that K.C. Malhan bags are safe for you and free of lead.  Plus, the Large Grecian Bag by K.C. Malhan was featured in the O Magazine December 2009 issue as one of Oprah's Favorite things!  Oprah even included the Grecian in swag bags for The Emmy's.  K.C. Malhan's Eco-bags have also been featured in Lucky Magazine and People.

Although the 25% off promo is over, you can still pick up this bag while supplies last...Buy Now!

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