FLUSHED! How What You’re Flushing is Making America Sick - Why You Want to Watch This Dr. Oz Show

I love listening to Dr. Oz and his adorable wife on XM Radio.  They always share hard to find health information, great guests and health topics that I find really valuable. So when I was contacted by them with a request to spread the word about an upcoming Dr. Oz TV show, I was more than happy to help them out.  You really should listen up, because once again, Dr. Oz will be focusing in on an environmental health issue that could affect every single one of us that the media is under reporting.

On Tuesday, March 23rd, The Dr. Oz Show will explore the effects of Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Product Pollution in a segment called “FLUSHED! How What You’re Flushing is Making America Sick.” Do you know that flushing medications and rinsing other personal care products (which contain harmful chemicals) down the drain, either directly or through human waste, has a large impact on environmental health?  The negative health impact can clearly be seen in marine life as frogs and other marine life are showing up with both male and female organs.  Sadly, as disturbing as this is, the dangers are not limited to wildlife. 

Don’t think that you are being protected from this type of hormone disruption through our water treatment plants.  Our water treatment plants are not doing a sufficient job in neutralizing our water.  A sample of water that was tested from the Columbian River Basin in Washington showed endocrine disruption and tested positive for atrazine, BPA, carbamazepine, acetaminophen, and sulfamethoxazole, which can lead to human health issues. The hormones from the medications that we flush come back to us in our water and can lead to breast cancer, earlier puberty for girls, smaller penis size, lower sperm count, and reduced testosterone levels.  

Our future health and the health of our environment is at risk but Dr. Oz isn’t going to just tell us about what is wrong with our water.  The segment explores not only the problems, but the solutions to these problems from throwing out unused medications with kitty litter, pharmacy bring back days, and purchasing products that are free of BPA (common in plastics), phthalates and parabens (common in personal care and beauty products).

I’ll be watching, will you?  Who will you tell to watch?   Will you share this information with your friends on Facebook and Twitter?  I really hope so, and I really hope you join me in thanking Dr. Oz for sharing great information and giving concrete solutions about how we can make a positive change in our health and the health of our environment.

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  1. Shane that is sooooo cool that Dr. Oz's peeps contacted you!!! :D

    I will definitely be tuning in - LOVE the show....Great write up because now I am even more intrigued!

  2. I am always glad to help out PR firms if they are sincere in their request. I need to work on getting this blog fixed right now though. Hope all is well with you Danica.

  3. Do not think you are being protected from this type of hormonal disorders through our water treatment plants. That would be illogical ...

  4. I think there are people who are not illogical, but who just trust that their water is safe. Thanks for the comment.


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