Is Splenda Making you Sick? Try Stevia Plus Instead

If you have been following my blog for a while you probably know that I had a terrible reaction to using too much of the artificial sweetener, Aspartame.  My body just can't handle the stuff so I started looking for a new, safe sweetener. Forget Saccharin as it tastes like poo and I can't cook with it.  I thought "natural" Splenda was my answer but guess what?  It isn't so natural and not much better than Aspartame as it messes with the good bacteria in your gut which we all need to stay healthy.

First, let's be clear that there is nothing natural about J&J's Trademarked Splenda.  It is sucralose which is the chemical compound made by the addition of chlorine atoms to sucrose molecules through a chemical reaction involving a number of chemicals.  

According to a study by Duke University, "Splenda suppresses beneficial bacteria and directly affects the expression of the transporter P-gp and cytochrome P-450 isozymes that are known to interfere with the bioavailability of drugs and nutrients. Furthermore, these effects occur at Splenda doses that contain sucralose levels that are approved by the FDA for use in the food supply."

Drugs and nutrients you need for a healthy life, or to save your life, might not be absorbed properly if you consume Splenda. This could leave you open to illness. Your gut plays a huge role in fighting disease. In order for it to function properly, a proper bacterial balance needs to be maintained. If Splenda is messing with that balance, that leaves your body vulnerable to disease.

Recently I got back into the very bad habit of drinking a ton of Diet Rite; a diet soda free of sodium and sweetened with Splenda.  Guess what?  I got sick and stayed sick for the entire time I was drinking it.  For Lent I gave up Diet Rite again and started drinking my favorite organic and biodynamic green tea sweetened with Sweet Leaf  Stevia Plus with inulin fiber to promote a healthy immune system.

Sweet Leaf Stevia Plus combines the extract of the stevia leaf (a mint plant) with a prebiotic nutritional fiber which, unlike Splenda, actually nourishes the friendly bacteria (lactobacillus & bifidobacteria) in the intestines while supporting gastrointestinal health.  I have tried other stevia sweeteners but they all tasted too bitter.  Sweet Leaf Stevia Plus is truly a  natural, good tasting, low calorie sweetener that  is so perfect.  Stevia Plus supports a healthy immune system, it's full of fiber, has a glycemic index of zero, is Kosher and I can even cook with it!

We make chocolate chip cookies sweetened with Stevia Plus and they are yummy!
Guess what folks?  Within just a few days of cutting out Splenda and switching to Stevia Plus, my awful cold was totally gone.

Ambassador Green tea sweetened with Stevia Plus is a family staple for us!!
Put Ambassador Organic Biodynamic Green tea in your cart...currently we only have the loose leaf tea in stock :(  sorry but you can add that to your cart...

So dump  the Splenda and give my favorite natural sweetener, Stevia Plus, a try.   I use the shaker at home and get the packets to take with me when I am out of the house and on the run.

I always carry these packets with me wherever I go and leave a few for the next folks to try...
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  1. Wow, interesting!! You know so much things about organic and eco green products! I am going to check out your shop!

  2. Hi Angelshair, how is the world treating you today? Yea this Splenda stuff is noooo good. Like everyone, I sort of said, "Who cares?" and sucked down the Splenda. Then when I realized what it was doing to my immune system, I totally stopped, started in the Stevia every day and got better. I am thinking there is some connection eh?

  3. I use SweetLeaf SteviaPlus! It works well in baking...I don't even have sugar in my kitchen, but I do have a lot of stevia plus packets! (I love that it contains no chemicals, calories, carbs, and has a 0 GI!)

  4. I really love it too and I believe in the positive health benefits of prebiotics. Glad you stopped by and left a bit more info for us on Stevia Plus.


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