Why are Razor Blades so Expensive? Go Eco at CVS and Save BIG!

Why are razor blades so expensive?  I don't know but I certainly can tell you how to save a ton of cash and go green at the same time.  I really love CVS Pharmacy.  It seems that I end up in there a couple of times a week and one of the reasons is that  they have some amazing prices on Eco consumables.  A few weeks ago I got some "green" paper towels (yes I use paper towels...I know shame on me) for a steal.  Each roll was like $.70 or something.

So I needed to buy razor blades  yesterday which I totally hate to do because it is about $4 a blade.  That is highway robbery if you ask me.  Luckily, though, I had a few extra minutes to explore the razor blade selection (what fun for a Tuesday morning huh?) and something "green" caught my eye.  I saw four disposable razors packaged in a sexy little earthy package that are private labeled for CVS and touted as Eco-friendly.   

Going green is supposed to save us money but I have found in my experience that frequently greening up is, initially anyway, more expensive. So imagine my surprise when I saw a price tag of only $4.  Four eco-friendly razors for a buck a piece?  I was flipping out and although there is a bit of green washing involved with the supposed compostable handle (which is only biodegradable in an industrial composting facility), the rest of the eco friendly razor was fab.

Check this out:
  • Packaged from post recycled cardboard
  • Printing inks are vegetable based
  • Not tested on animals
  • Handle made from 80% plant-based sustainable resources
  • No chemical dyes, non-toxic
I thought there must be some sort of a catch and I was waiting for my skin to peel off along with the hair on my legs when I used it.  But guess what?  I got an amazingly close and comfortable shave!  I really love these razors. Now for the price of what I used to pay for one blade from a company that could care less about going green, I get four razors and spend my money with a company that is making an effort to help make a difference in the health of our planet.

Hats off to CVS once again for giving consumers another great way to go Eco and seriously save on a super shave.

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