Have you Heard about the ecoATM? Recycle Cell Phones, Save the Environment and make Some Cash!

How many old cell phones do you have around your house?  I think we must have at least five.  My little ones like to play with them and frankly I do not know how to dispose of them safely.  I certainly am not going to toss them in the trash as they do not degrade and contain chemicals and materials that can be harmful to the environment.  The chemicals can leach out into the soil and contaminate groundwater.

Now there may be a simple solution coming to a store near you.  Automated e-cycling stations from ecoATM are popping up all over the country and they make it super easy to get rid of your old cell, protect the environment and make a little cash too. In some instances you can earn big bucks.  Watch the video above for more information and keep an eye out for an ecoATM coming to your area.

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