Greensation's ThermaSkin Wrinkle Balm - My Favorite All Natural Alternative to Expensive Creams and Procedures which Really Reduces Wrinkles...Really!

It's Time for Something Natural that Really Works
Are you sick of wrinkle reduction claims that don't deliver?  Are you spending money on expensive wrinkle creams containing questionable ingredients without results? Are you considering Botox but worried about injecting foreign substances into your face to have smoother, younger looking skin?  Well girlfriend (or boyfriend) as I approach  my 42nd birthday, I have been at my wits end looking at these awful wrinkles that I see getting deeper each week...until I found an all natural alternative to fight wrinkles in my little Greensations ThermaSkin Wrinkle Balm Stick!  I cannot tell you how much I love this all natural, inexpensive and safe wrinkle fighter.  It really works...really!  SERIOUSLY!!  I cannot live without it and neither can anyone who tries it!

Word is Spreading Fast, ThermaSkin Works to make You Look Younger...Naturally
I knew some of my friends loved this anti-aging balm and had gotten really great results.  When I found out it was made with natural ingredients, I decided to give it a try and see what the fuss was about.  The ingredient list for ThermaSkin Wrinkle Balm is free of parabens, petroleums and other ingredients we have all learned to try to avoid so I was really excited to give it a try. Still, I was skeptical and didn't expect to really be able to see a reduction in my facial wrinkles.

I started using the balm by just putting it between my brow on the two lovely frown lines that have shown up in the last couple of years.  I was totally surprised when after just five days, the lines were less noticeable.  Now, each morning and night, I am putting the ThermaSkin Wrinkle Balm on all of the lines on my face.  I love the results I am seeing and appreciate that I do not have to worry about any potentially unsafe ingredients, but I wondered why this little balm stick actually works?
Thermaskin works and I love the results!
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ThermaSkin Repair Stick -- 0.35 oz
Why Does ThermaSkin Work to Fight the Signs of Aging?
Apparently, the secret to ThermaSkin's anti-aging results is the formulation of the Swiss apple serum in a solid beeswax base using capsaicin and caffeine to deliver a deeply penetrating layer of skin protection. This proprietary formulation also incorporates Arnica (which is deeply healing and recommended by surgeons to prevent scarring after face-lifts), Olive Oil (which some women swear by for dewy, beautiful skin) and Grapeseed Oil to soften and heal skin anywhere on the body. 

Swiss Apple stem cells have been clinically proven to reduce lines by 15% while promoting natural skin regeneration. Capsaicin has been clinically proven to increase facial skin elasticity and caffeine has been proven to repair UV damaged skin. Together, all of these ingredients provide incredible anti-aging benefits without using medicines or chemicals. ThermaSkin Wrinkle Balm feels really tingly when I first put it on which must be the thermal action of the capsaicin.  I have super sensitive skin and the tingling is very mild, but I can feel it working!

This Dual Purpose, Green Beauty Find is One We Can All Afford
Oh yea, did I mention that the ThermaSkin stick is a dual purpose, green-living, beauty find?  It is great for any area of your skin that needs a little extra TLC and moisturizing like lips, cuticles, elbows and feet.
Seriously though, once you try it, you will never let anyone ever take your ThermaSkin because it really works to keep you looking younger!  Each little container lasts me 4-6 months!!   Get yours now!

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