Want to Wear Sustainable Bamboo but Can't Find It? Save 20% on Belabumbum Bamboo Lingerie and Maternity this Month!

Do you love bamboo fabrics or want to begin wearing more sustainable clothing but don't know where to look? If you are looking for ways to go green with your clothing choices, you should totally check out Belabumbum.

Belabumbum is a lingerie and maternity line which has a ton of amazing bamboo pieces which are really cute and sexy.  Plus, in honor of Mother's Day, the folks at Belabumbum are offering us a 20% discount code to use during the month of May!

So you have heard that bamboo is good and green, but are you wondering why?  Well because bamboo is the fastest growing plant known to man, it is highly renewable. In fact, it only takes 3 months for bamboo to grow to it's full height and only 4 years to grow to maturity.  Compare that to commercially used trees which take 25 to 70 years to grow to maturity!

Bamboo also spreads rapidly and because of its abundance, fertilizers and pesticides are not needed to produce healthy plants for use in textile production.  This means a cleaner, healthier product to wear against your skin.  Plus, aside from the environmentally friendly aspects of bamboo, I love the way it feels so soft, has natural antibacterial properties and "breathes" really well so it is super comfy even when you are super hot.

There are a few lines that Belabumbum offers which I really love and are bamboo: the Bamboo Filligree line, the Blossom Bamboo line and the Ginko Bamboo offering. With the 20% off that Belabumbum is giving us for the month of May, these pieces are a great deal and a wonderful way for you to make more conscious consumer choices for our planet and for you!

At checkout remember to use code "MOM" to receive your 20% discount...oh and did I mention this code is good for gift certificates too?  Enjoy!

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