Monday's Musings - Wishing I was a Lesbian Like Ellen, Why I Love Halo, The USPS and Stamps to the Rescue

I used to love Ellen Degeneres until she married Portia DeRossi.  Listen, I am no lesbian but Portia makes me wish I was one.  Now my in box is making my jealousy of Ellen worse.  I just got an email from the USPS (how do these folks get my email?)  which explains that Ms. DeGeneres is doing more great things than just Ms. DeRossi. 
Apparently Ellen is Co-owner of Halo Natural Pet Care Products which has just launched an initiative to provide food for 1 Million shelter pets and bring awareness to pet adoption through the USPS' Social Awareness Stamps.

All you have to do is buy these adorable stamps, which have photos of animal which have been adopted, on line or at your local US Post Office.  So far they have already been able to donate 400,000 meals to shelter pets and this is the good stuff.  Halo prides itself on offering only the highest quality ingredients for our four legged friends.  

All jealousy aside, a big shout out needs to go to Ellen, Halo and the USPS for this great idea.  Please take part and know you are making a difference in the lives of some of our most precious and defenseless creatures here on Earth.

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